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Step Families

Step-Families...Blended-Families...or whatever you want to call them, are becoming more and more common these days.  About one in three people are involved in Step-Family situations.  Although it is becoming increasingly more likely for people, even within the church, to become part of a Step-Family, that doesn't mean the transition will be any easier.  We understand that sometimes it can be a long fall from the dream of blending together the perfect family only to find out no one barely even likes one another.

Despite how hard we might try and how much we would like for them to be, Step-Families are just not ever going to be "First Families".  I know, a bit of a dream killer, but actually this may be the best news you can hear.  This is foundational information to help you get to the next step of creating the great family you are seeking.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about Step-Families out there that are actually causing more problems.  Especially, when the parents expect the new family to look and operate like their First Family.  We never really stop to think that there are over 60 different Step-Family constellation types, yes 60! Just having that information helps us understand that blending new families together can indeed get messy.  Helping make a successful Step-Family is an involved and timely process that functions best when you have a better understanding of your specific situation.  We can help bring powerful new information and new strategies that will help bring the odds of success back into your favor.  You CAN have a successful Step Family and with a little work, understanding and patience we can help you get there.