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Counseling BEFORE you are in Need

June 10, 2018


“Counseling has completely changed our marriage.”


That was what I was told when I was talking with a younger married couple the other day who were a couple months out of couples counseling.  They didn’t feel that they had any really big issue, but wanted to work on some things that they felt could become big over time.


They had no idea what kind of an impact counseling would have on them as individuals and on their marriage.  They have heard the tragic stories of couples who had waited until things had gotten so bad that counseling was a last ditch effort.  They didn’t want their marriage to ever get to that point.  Despite having reservations of seeking a couple’s counselor for enrichment, they couldn’t have been happier that they had.  They made a point to seek me out and make sure I knew that and were going to let other couples and people know the great benefits of going to a counselor before a problem gets big.  There was no need to wait until they had pneumonia when they could go see the doctor when they had signs they might be getting sick.


Please see some of the Myths and Facts about Therapy that the folks of WebMD share.


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