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28 Day Journal Challenge

June 9, 2018


It’s always our intention to offer hope and encouragement in any way we can. This is why we’re going to ask you to JOIN US on this journey. We believe in this process so much that we might even call it free therapy!


WHO IS IT FOR??? The stressed, the overwhelmed, the stuck, the tired, the I need a change, or the I have no idea what my purpose is people!


We hope that you can use this post and allow us to help you navigate through a 28 day journaling experience. We trust that if you commit to the 28 days of journaling  that you will come out different at the end of it. You can see why we believe in it and read all about the benefits of journaling here,  http://www.firstcarecc.com/whats-the-big-deal-about-journaling/  

Ready to get started? Is all you need to do is get yourself a journal or a notebook, a good pen and carve out about 20 minutes or so in your evening. 


Day 1 – What is your favorite childhood memory?


Tips: Why did you choose this memory? Do you remember how it made you feel? Who did you experience it with? Allow yourself to go back to that time and experience the memories of it.


Day 2 – In three words, describe the atmosphere of your childhood family.


Tips: How did that atmosphere affect you? How do you think it may still affect you? Is your current home atmosphere similar in any way? What was it like for you growing up there? What did you or didn’t you like about it?


Day 3 – Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?


Tips: What would it have changed if you had listened to it? How would your life be different? Do you think you would have listened?


Day 4 – What need did you have in childhood that didn’t get met?


Tips: How does this affect you today? How would life be different if you had that need met? How did it feel not getting it? Who did you need this need to be met by?


Day 5 – What do you think your purpose in life is?


Tips: Are you living it, if so, how? How could your purpose impact the world, your family, your community? Do you need to explore this and figure it out? What are your hearts desires and passions in life?


Day 6 – What is the most grief you’ve ever experienced?


Tips: How did you handle it? Have you overcome it? Do you need to get some help with it? How did that loss change you?

If this is a tough topic, let me encourage you to tackle it and make it your own. If you’ve recently experienced grief, take the time to write down your current emotions and experience with it. It’s always good to feel and express painful emotions within the safety of a journal. If on the other hand, you’ve found yourself stuck in a grief cycle, please get some help for it. Let us or a ltrusted friend know, don’t suffer alone.


Day 7 – When did you justify or move forward in something instead of listening to your gut or what you knew to be right?


Tips” Was this in a relationship, explain? Why didn’t you listen? How did this go wrong? What consequences did you suffer or are still suffering from?


Day 8 – What fear would you most like to overcome?


Tips: What’s stopping you from facing it? What would your worse case scenario be if you faced it? How does living in this fear hold you back in life?


Day 9 – What things are priorities to you but you still struggle to do them?


Tips: Think, home, values, health, relationships. What is it that keeps getting in the way?


Day 10 – What was the most painful day in your life?


Tips: How did this day change you? How would things be different if this day never happened? Does this even still affect you?


Day 11 – What would you do if you knew you wouldn’t fail?


Tips: Would it be okay with you if you never went for it? Are you brave enough to do it anyway? Why not?


Day 12 – How do you handle anger and how does it affect those around you?


Tips: Do you need to change this? Do you know how? Are you handling it well? What are some other ways you could handle it differently?


Day 13 – If you could talk to someone you’ve lost, what would you say?


Tips: What would they say back? Why did you choose this person? Would you want to write them a letter, even if you couldn’t deliver it?


Day 14 – What would you be embarrassed by if others knew this thing about you?


Tips: Is this something you’d like to change? What’s stopping you? Is it a problem you need help with? Should it really embarrass you? if a friend had this same struggle what would you tell them?


Day 15 – How are you allowing other peoples emotions, responses or actions, to control you?


Tips: How is this impacting your life? How is this changing you? Walking on eggshells, living in fear, withholding things, hiding? What can you do to change this? How long has this been a struggle for you? Why do you think you allow this?


Day 16 – What are you most insecure about?


Tips: Do you need to let this go? Would you see it as a flaw in someone else? What would change if you let this insecurity go?


Day 17- What day in your life would you most like to forget?


Tips:How would your life be different without this day? Was there any good that came from this day? What was it? Why do you want to forget it?


Day 18 – How do you feel about conflict and how do you handle it?


Tips: Where did you develop your feelings about conflict from? Who taught you about conflict? How did you see it being handled when you grew up? Are there any similarities to to how you handle it? How can conflict actually be a good thing?


Day 19 – Who is God to you at this point in your life?


Tips: What attributes of His are speaking to you most? What attributes do you need Him to be to you right now? Do you really know Him on a personal level? Do you need to get to know Him? What is your relationship with Him like? What would you like it to be like?


Day 20 – What emotion do you tend to experience the most?


Tips: When did you first experience that emotion? Is it a good one or a bad one? What do you need to do to address it or change it? What emotion do you want to have more?


Day 21 – What relaxes, re-energizes or refuels you, and do you do these things enough?


Tips: How can you incorporate more of these things in your life? What keeps you from doing them? How would it feel to do more of them? Do you feel like you are allowed to do these things?


Day 22- What do you need to forgive yourself for?


Tips: Did you really do something wrong or have you just been walking in shame? What would it feel like to let this go and move on? Do you believe you are worthy of forgiveness? How does it affect your life holding onto guilt?


Day 23 – What do you feel like a failure or a success at?


Tips: How does the failure make you feel? How are you handling success? Are you able to enjoy your success? Are you too hard on yourself for your failures?


Day 24 – What worries keep you up at night or chronically worrying?


Tips: Are they realistic? How is worrying helping you? Is there any action you could take to resolve anything? Do you need to let this go? How can you do that? What does God say about worrying?


Day 25 – What is something that you disagree with about how you were raised?


Tips: Do you wish you were raised differently? Have you copied this in spite of not liking it? Have you avoided repeating it?


Day 26 – Who has most positively impacted or helped shape your life?


Tips: What would life be like without that person’s influence? Whose life are you trying to impact? How can you pay it forward?


Day 27 – Who is someone, or what does someone have that you envy?


Tips: Why do you envy them or that thing? Does it make you feel inferior? How would being like that person or having what they have impact or change you? Why do feel you need to be like them?

YOU’VE MADE IT!! We’ve reached our last day of journaling together! We hope you’ve enjoyed your quiet time and time investing in yourself. We also hope that this has brought things to the surface that perhaps need to be dealt with, allowed you to appreciate things about yourself and maybe even come to terms with some things and face a few fears along the way.

As we end this journey together we want to encourage you to keep going. Keep making the time to sort out your thoughts and dig a little deeper into your life. Make the necessary changes and never, ever stop growing!


Day 28 – What do you like about yourself and what do you think your best traits are?


Tips: Do you honestly believe you have those good traits? Was it a struggle to come up with them? How can you change that? How can you focus more on those traits and use them in your life to impact the world?


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