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Depression, the no good, feels miserable, stay in bed all day kind of word.  If you suffer from depression you may understand the daily battle that goes on in your mind and body over sometimes the simplest of things.  For instance, getting out of bed may be the biggest goal you have for the day, and on many days you may not even achieve it.  Perhaps its symptoms are not so severe in your life but instead you just have a gloominess that you carry with you that simply leaves you feeling sad.  Either way, no matter what kind of sufferer you are, help is available. 

First things first, if you have thoughts of suicide or are seeking to harm yourself please call 911 for immediate help or get help at the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255.

Depression comes in many forms and can have diverse symptoms, anywhere from chronic fatigue to anxiety.  Sometimes you can easily identify it, other times you have no idea what’s going on, you just know something is.  It can leave you with a cloudy mind, making it hard to focus and gain mental control.  It can also leave you feeling irritable and restless, making it more difficult to seek the help you need. 

Depression can be caused for many reasons and it’s important to sort those reasons out and find the root cause.  Sometimes its root is indeed biochemical but more often its root is found elsewhere.   It’s also always a good idea when dealing with depression to check with your medical doctor as there are many health issues that can cause depression.  The highest success rate to be found for treatment will be working with a physician and a therapist together. 

All in all, depression is a thief.  It robs you of your joy, it steals away the simple pleasures you once enjoyed and it tries to take away the life dreams you have.  Don’t take depression lightly, if you are currently suffering from depression, seek the help.  There is hope to be found.  Your journey may be short and easy or it may be long and difficult, regardless, won’t the freedom be worth it?  Let us come alongside you in your journey to healing.