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We do not currently accept insurance. We do accept cash, check, major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Paypal.  Fees are due at the time of your appointment unless otherwise pre-arranged with your counselor.

Coded receipts can be provided for your use if you have contacted your provider and had found out that you are able to file with your Flexible Spending Account, Health Savings Account, or with your insurance company.


Individual Counseling

                                                                             Individual Sessions (50 minutes)
Standard Rates                                                                                                                $75*
(Members of First Baptist Church Fort Mill)                                                              $50

Couples Counseling

                                                                                Couples Sessions   (70 minutes)
Standard Rates                                                                                                                $100
(Members of First Baptist Church Fort Mill)                                                              $75

* Negotiated rates are available for those with financial needs.  Please discuss any financial challenges or need for different billing terms with your counselor when scheduling your appointment.

What a Typical Counseling Session is Like

It is hard to say what a "typical" counseling session would be like because everyone is different and everyone has their own unique story and situation.

The first one or two sessions is focused on hearing your story and getting to understand who you are, what is happening in your life, and what you are hoping to change.  We will talk about what is important to you and try to focus on the strengths you possess and positive steps to begin change.


Session Length

For Individuals, counseling sessions are 50 minutes long.
For Couples, we like to schedule 70 minutes.

Depending on the situation and comfort level, initially, it is common to meet once a week on a weekly basis and then work out to less frequent visits as comfort levels and goal achievements allow.  Meeting more frequently or less frequently would depend on your specific situation and needs.

Homework is often recommended to help speed up the counseling process to achieve progress outside the counseling sessions.  We will process the homework together as a way to gain additional insights and maximize the amount of time we have together.